CAPSED has a large stock of parts in new, overhauled or serviceable condition. We at CAPSED are updating and enlarging our stock daily to continuously maintain a large Precise Inventory for the needs of our customers, so we can provide complete, efficient interior reconfigurations with interiors components, assemblies, related structures and hard to find items.

Our inventory consists of Boeing, and Airbus aircraft interior components.

  • PSU light panels, speaker panels and spacer panels, and oxygen boxes.

  • PSU wire harnesses

  • Overhead stowage bins and related attaching structures and brackets

  • Sidewall panels

  • Sidewall air rails and related attaching structures and brackets

  • Carpet risers and air grills

  • Ceiling panels, ceiling air grills and attaching structures

  • Windscreens, partitions, closets, class dividers and related attaching structures and brackets

  • Passenger tourist, business and first class seats

  • Seat SEB Boxes, Passenger Control Units (PCU's) and Seat to Seat Harness

  • Seat tracks and related attaching structures

  • Crew seats

  • Galleys and related structures

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